Our Story

Like most amazing products, Liquid Gold accidentally came about through customer demands. It was created by Chef Joel and Rachel, the husband and wife team behind Flip Eats- a Brooklyn-based food business curating unique dining experiences with seasonally driven New-American Filipino dishes. 

Prior to the pandemic, Flip Eats hosted sold out supper club dinners in their Brooklyn apartment, including the ever popular kamayan dinner, which is where Liquid Gold was born.

Kamayan means 'to eat with your hands' and is a deep part of Filipino culture- from everyday meals to special occasions. And though Chef Joel wanted to push the envelope of what that looks like, he also wanted to include some familiar and nostalgic flavors, one of which is called ‘sinangag’- simply translated- garlic fried rice. 

Chef Joel tested and tweaked various ingredients and ratios to get the perfect garlic oil crisp that can easily re-create fried garlic rice. The oil is seasoned and slowly steeped in large amounts of fresh garlic, and then strained and added to a complex blend of crispy garlic and spices, creating the most unique tasting condiment you will ever experience. Needless to say, there's a lot of love in each of our jars of garlic heaven. 

Liquid Gold was a big hit from the start and many folks started comparing it to the various chili garlic crisps that we find in many stores today. The uniqueness of Liquid Gold though is that – THERE IS NO SPICINESS!  A perfect pantry addition for those who love flavor, but just can’t handle spicy condiments. Trust us, you won’t find anything like this (…because Rachel can’t handle spicy and we’ve looked!).

But of course, we couldn’t take such a successful recipe and not create a fun spicy version Liquid Fire – for those who like a little kick, but still want to taste their food. And then for the ultimate daredevil – Liquid Patay – for those who don’t give a damn and love the taste of death (literally ‘patay’ is ‘dead’ in tagalog).

And because of its uniqueness, it lends easily to other flavors. Aside from rice, you can put this on everything. Add it to your bacon, egg, and cheese sandwich. Brush it on some grilled summer corn. Level up your ramen. Pizza and ranch? Nope- pizza, ranch, and Liquid Gold. And no more boring steamed veggies and flavorless chicken breast! The possibilities are absolutely endless.

So go on and try 1, try 2, try all 3- and you'll never want to go back to life before Liquid Gold.

(To learn more about Flip Eats and Chef Joel and Rachel’s history, click here.)