Liquid Gold 6oz

Liquid Gold 6oz
Liquid Gold 6oz

Liquid Gold 6oz

We began making these as a side garlic condiment for our Kamayan Pop-up dinners. Our guests fell in love and so Liquid Gold was born. Simply made up of house-made garlic oil, garlic crisps, and various spices.

Put it on any dish for a garlic bomb of flavor!

(Vegan, Gluten-Free, Nut-Free)

  • Vegan, Gluten-Free, Nut-Free
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Customer Reviews

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Stephanie Durham

I'm addicted to this, I'm asking everyone to get me 2 for Christmas, so I'm hoping to have a whole shelf on in my kitchen stocked with this alone. The smell & flavors remind me so much of my Lola's cooking. For those who think there's not too pungent of a garlic aroma, just add some to your recipe. I've been just using this for my stir fried rice, bam-i, vegies, etc..whoa. This will become a staple in your kitchen!

Andrew Sharp

I actually had a bad dream someone used all my Liquid Gold and put it back in the refrigerator for me to find.
Love this product so much!!! Keep it up.


No surprise that Chef Joel created something that adds excitement to my home cooked meals! Absolutely delicious!

chasity kaiser

I love this garlic oil. I seen it in a video and wanted to try it. I’m on my second bottle. Will definitely keep ordering. Love it on pizza.


I was super excited to try this garlic oil after seeing a chef use it on Bon Appetit. I’ve used it on several rice dishes, eggs, and even drizzled over a pork loin, but I’m not getting really any garlic flavor, and definitely not a blast of flavor like the oil is advertised as having. The only reason you could tell it was in the dish was from the bright orange/red of the oil. Definitely disappointed, was expecting a flavorful, garlicky topping to really kick my dishes up a notch.

Thank you for your honest review.
Garlic is such an interesting ingredient in that its flavors change so much depending on its application. For our Liquid Gold, all of those crispy bits are garlic pieces that we chopped, dehydrated and fried. We confit fresh garlic for hours to make the garlic oil and specifically use grapeseed oil so that it doesn't impart any extra flavor. Though our relaunch is new, we have been making and selling Liquid Gold for about 4 years now and the most consistent feedback is that it really is a full punch of garlic flavor. 
Garlic can be fickle though and if you are accustomed to the more pungent flavors of raw garlic, then yes, this might not hit home as strongly for you. We just hope you don't feel hoodwinked and that we were purposefully being superfluous with our descriptions. 
Thank you again and we hope you'll share the product with friends to engage in a fun garlic or no garlic debate!